• The Government has sanctioned the Conservation cum Development Plan programme for development of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGS) and PTG Habitations. For which the Govt. has sanctioned Budget Rs.877.00 Lakhs.
  • In this programme, the (5) ambulances were purchased with Estimated Cost. Of Rs.24.09 Lakhs for providing health emergencies under PVTG habitations for Maternal and Child Health.
  • Already this office conducted Drivers Training to (34) PTG Unemployed youth and provided the Bajaj optima Autos with the Estimated cost of Rs.44.08 Lakhs to (29) PTGs for their lively hood through the Mandala Samakya as interest free loans.
  • This office has been sponsored the (9) PTG students for D.Ed course with Estimated cost. Rs.10.48 lakhs.and also admitted (5) PTS Students for B.Ed course with Estimate cost of Rs.4.00 Lakhs
  • The Drivers Training Programme are being taken up to the PTG unemployed youth for Self-employment by Providing TATA Magic Vehicles to interior PTG habitations covered in various Mandals with estimated cost of Rs.75.00 Lakhs.
  • And all activities approved by the Government are taken up through the Concerned Department for development of PVTGs.