The Girijan Co-operative Corporation is a public undertaking Corporation of Government of Andhra Pradesh, established in the year 1956 for the Socio-economic upliftment of Tribals in the state of Andhra Pradesh and serving around 2.6 Million Tribal against a total Tribal Population of 4.2 Million in the state.  In Adilabad District G.C.C is serving approximately 5 Lakhs Tribal.


  1. To ensure payment of remunerative price for the M.F.P collected by the Tribals by eliminating the middlemen and private merchants who were indulging in unfair trade practices.
  2. To ensure availability of Essential Commodities even in the interior Agency areas through a network of DR Depot.
  3. To ensure supply of super fine rice (ECs), DRs and Cosmetic items to TW Institutions.
  4. To provide SAO Loans to the Tribal formers

III. Organization Hierarchy:-

The following Six (6) Girijan Primary co-operative Marketing Societies (G.P.C.M.S) functioning the control of Utnoor division. The societies are being managed by the managers as secretaries of the Society.

  1. G.P.C.M.S Ltd., Utnoor 4.         G.P.C.M.S Ltd., Asifabad
  2. G.P.C.M.S Ltd., Itchoda 5.         G.P.C.M.S Ltd., Jannaram
  3. G.P.C.M.S Ltd., Adilabad 6.         G.P.C.M.S Ltd., SK. Nagar
  • 45.85 lakhs have been achieved as against the target of Rs. 106.05 lakhs in MFP procurement.
  • In Essential Commodities (ECs), Rs. 316.84 lakhs have been achieved as against the targets of Rs. 523.29 lakhs
  • In DRs Sales, Rs. 510.44 lakhs have been achieved as against the targets of Rs. 602.51 lakhs.
  • Out of 12.44 lakhs, Rs. 3.11 lakhs have been recovered as debt waiver under credit recovery of agriculture loan as against the target of Rs. 30.00 lakhs.