Innovative Schemes


  • STAR Commandments
    • Strive hard towards Excellence and shall Never give up
    • Think Big and Aim high
    • Always stand for Justice and (shall not do anything illegal)
    • Regular, Punctual, Honest and Hardworking – and will Never beg or cheat
    • Scientific in our approach not believing in Superstitions – along with protecting my Environment, Rich Heritage and Culture
  • STARS branding: – The students, teachers and the staff will identify themselves as STARS (Scheduled Tribe Ashram Residential School).
  • Study Hour Activities: The study hours should be made more interesting for the students. For this purpose we have designed a list of activities and time – table. The details are given towards the end of this booklet
  • Know your Government :- The students in batches will be taken to nearby government offices on Saturdays
  • Farming Techniques: – The Mandal Agricultural Officer should take the children to the nearby by field and explain the different activities involved in farming. He should explain what are the latest techniques, about MSP, about agricultural credit (KCC), the cost involved in cultivating different crops/ acre etc.
  • 5-Day School Reopening Festival – Badi Baata Pandaga – was organized by ITDA, Utnoor as part of its education program. The main aim of the program is to inculcate a sense of happiness among the tribal children in coming to school and also their parents in sending their wards to school.     The program involves a series of playful ways of learning among children like nature walk, painting competitions, debating, elocution, song and dance competitions.
  • The main objective is to insure a belief system among children in their schools which in a long way could ensure belongingness to their institutions. The program also vies for a participative approach from the teachers who shall enrol children shying from schools as drop-outs. The dropped-out and never enrolled children are joined in schools to create a feeling that schools are best places to be for their age
  • ITDA Utnoor have organized 3 days ITDA level Sports & Cultural Meet inaugurated by Hon’ble chief Justice of High court and Commissioner for Tribal Welfare, TS, Hyderabad.
  • Around 1000 Tribal Students from TW institutions have participated in various Sports events
  • During the Sports meet ITDA have conducted Giri Utsav-2016. For the first time ITDA organized Mini Exhibition for the Tribal Students who enjoyed a lot with playing material, Food Court and cultural activities.
  • The Christoph von Furer Haimendorf, study circle have been inaugurated by MP of Adilabad Sri. G.Nagesh and MLAs of Asifabad and Khanapur on 11-01-2016. The study circle is equipped with Library and Computer Lab with internet facility for the use of Tribal Students
  • Analyzing the need for nurturing children of 0- 14 years age group with Hearing Impaired, Mental Retardation, Visual Impaired and Multiple Disabilities one special school for children is special needs have been established in Utnoor called To normalize the life of the disabled children through training and early intervention to reduce severity of disability effect and enable them to access education through schooling residentially through which they are made contributing members of the society enjoying the right to which they belong to with dignity


  • Giri Bazars: 19 Giri Bazars have been established in Tribal remote villages to provide quality Essential commodities
  • 21 Giri Shops are being successfully run by Self Help Group women where there are no D. R. Depots just like weekly shandies
  • In Co-ordination with ITDA Giri Super Bazar have been established at Utnoor on 02-10-2015 with an outlay of Rs. 10.00 lakhs and proposal have been submitted to establish one more super Bazar at Asifabad.
  • 17 Minor Forest procurement centres are being run by Self Help Group women though Village organization
  • Honey Processing unit have been established at Nirmal
  • Essential Commodities are being delivered to Door-to-door through Giri Vehicles by GCC


  • Karadi Path  Education  Company  in  collaboration  with  ITDA Utnoor  and   Department  of Tribal  Welfare, Telangana is implementing the Karadi Path Magic English SLL program in 55Tribal   Welfare  schools  in  Telangana.  The  schools  are  located  in  Adilabad,  Asifabad, Mancherial and  NIrmal  districts of Telangana and  is under the jurisdiction of ITDA Utnoor. Students enrolled in class 3 to 8 from these schools attend the programme.

About Karadi Path

  • Children in India are capable of achieving substantially higher levels of language proficiency than what they currently atta The benchmarks have been lowered primarily because of the unnatural way in which  language is taught in schools. When a child  picks  up a language naturally, the learning is easy and  efficient. Karadi Path is an indigenously developed methodology for language-learning based on the unique Indian  experience of multilingualism. It mimics  the natural language-acquisition process, and  has  successfully adapted the same into the classroom environment.
  • India’s unique linguistic diversity allows  a child  to pick up multiple languages from  the environment with consummate ease when he or she moves from  one region to another within the country. For the last 15 years, the Karadi Path Education Company has  been researching this incredible phenomenon and  has  developed a comprehension driven approach that mimics  the way one learns their mother tongue or any other language naturally from  the environment. Through this derivative process, the child  learns to predict not just the meaning of words  in context, but also  the structure of the language. Karadi Path does this through a carefully designed set of exercises and  experiences in the classroom, that help the child  understand the nuances of English.
  • The company was founded in 2010 with the mission to ‘Provide High Impact Low Cost Programs that Deliver English Proficiency to Children and  Adults Through the indigenously developed Karadi Path methodology’. The methodology represents a revolutionary solution for English language learning even in environments where the language is not supported. The Karadi path programmes are an outcome of 15 years of innovation, experimentation and research.


  • With the intention of reducing the IMR and MMR in the tribal and areas ITDA Utnoor has embarked on the ambitious Project AVVAL (AVVAL means mother in Gondi Language) which is a holistic approach taken by ITDA),Utnoor to improve maternal and child health. Since inception, the Project has served 6961 pregnant tribal women.
  • Tribal Regions recording high number of Home Deliveries –high in district. Acute No. of home deliveries – in Narnoor, Sirpur-U, Kerameri, Wankidi, Tiryani, Asifabad – @ nearly 70%. Adilabad also critical in IMR and MMR. Reasons for Home deliveries – poor health services, issues of mobility esp. in rainy seasons, at times cultural inhibitions that prevailed
  • Zero Home Deliveries
  • Improving Institutional deliveries to 100%
  • Convergence with ICDS /IKP – Village Institutions
  • Efforts to track expectant mothers – preparing in advance – than @emergency
  • Regular Updating of MCTS– New PCs installed in PHCs
  • Increasing the fleet
  • Started from Narnoor, Kerameri
  • Extended to another 14 Mandals
  • Extending to mandals of poor health indicators, after need assessment
  • 6290 Institutional Deliveries done so far since inception (Feb’2014) through this Avval Project.
  • PMRDF Mr. Anantha Krishnan, representative for ITDA Utnoor have shared the experience with Hon’ble Prime Minister of India MR. Narendra Modiji about functioning of AVVAL Project in Tribal Areas of Adilabad District.