Vanabhandhu Yojana


  • The Government has sanctioned the VanabandhuKalyanYojana scheme for the Critical Gaps in the (3) Mandalsi.eKerameri, Wankidi and ThiryaniMandals with the Budget allocation of Rs.10.00 crores for the year 2014-15.
  • The activities like, Sustainable Employment, Quality Education & Higher Education, Accelerated Economic Development, Health for all, Housing for All, Safe Drinking water, Irrigation facilities, Road connectivity, Universal availability of Electricity, Promotion of sports and Promotion & Preservation of Tribal Culture, Heritage. All the activities identified by department are being taken up through the concerned departments to fill the Critical Gaps.
  • The millets like, Jowar, Korra, &Sama seeds have supplied to the farmers for cultivation of 2000 acres under this programme for economic development. The Director General, ICRISAT TS Hyderabad has sent the proposal titled “Sustainable agricultural development through value addition and linking tribal farmers to markets in Adilabad District of Telangana -Transitioning tribal farmers from traditional to modern agriculture”, and Released 32.93 Lakhs as ist installment. Rs.10,40,000/- towards for implementation of VanabandhuKalyanyojana component of Strengthening of SHGS specially identified PTG Self Groups covered in Kerameri, Thiryani and Wankidi Mandal
  • The Executive Engineer (H) Telangana State Housing Corp. Ltd Bellampally Division has given the Technical Sanction to construction of (5) Pucca houses independent (single 2BHK) with estimates cost of Rs.5.30 lakhs in Ts.No.EE/utr/TS.No.0114-15 Dt:28/03/2016 based on the permission and Administrative sanction given by this office with the approval of Dist. Collector Adilabad with Total Est.Cost of Rs.26.50 Lakhs and Released Rs.8.80 Lakhs
  • The RWS DEPT has identified the (34) Habitations under VKY and estimated the Cost of Rs.75.00 Lakhs for execution works in (3) Mandalsi.eKerameri (12), Wankidi(9) &Thiryani(13) Habitations. This office has been given Administration sanction for the said works.the Dist. Collector, Adilabad has issued instructions to form the committee with the following officers, for verification and no duplication of works to be taken up by the Departments in various habitations. And released Rs.49.00 Lakhs
  • 22.17 Lakhs was released to providing of Electrification to (10) habitations by Electricity Dept.
  • The Road connectivity to the habitations with the Est.Rs.180.00 lakhs with the approval of Dist. Collector, Adilabad, are under process
  • The Training programmes are ongoing for self-employment through the Noble Empowerment Educational Society.
  • The Corpus Fund of Rs.10.40 Lakhs to Self Help Groups by providing the Matching Grant @ Rs.10,000/- to (104) PTG SHGs in (3) mandals which were identified by IKP TPMU Mandals .
  • 5 Ambulances have been provided to Avval Project to transport the pregnant women to health institutions to reduce Infant and Maternal Mortalities and reduction in home deliveries.
  • The Handicrafts center has been established at Keslaguda at Kerameri Mandal.